Friday, May 25, 2012

Life's beautiful irony!!

Well once again it's been a few months since I added a post on here......but this morning I have so much spinning around in my head that I have to put some of it down. My last post about my overflowing love is on my mind again! Since my last post, I have met a wonderful man with a beautiful heart and have fallen in love with him (bless his heart.....pray for him!) that means I have an avenue to share some of that love right? Wrong!!!.....(and here it is folks, life's beautiful irony)..... Here's what I have found out about the unequivicable beauty of the design of our hearts!!! They are capable of producing more love than we can wrap our heads around!!!! All that love I spoke of in my previous post is still there and building.......AND, now that I have met someone else, the love I have for him is completely new! doesn't come from that pool of existing has it's own beautiful source!!! So that means I have even more now than I spoke of in my last post!!!!! WOW!!!!!!! I am a giving and compassionate person and I am always wanting to share all of this love! That's a good thing right?......well I think maybe I need to find new avenues for it! The people closest to me (my boys and my new love) are the ones who are on the receiving end of this explosion of love! They may like it.....they may not......I don't really know; but I suspect there are days they would argue that I pour too much love on them and Blake and Kyle would also probably say there are times when I don't pour enough on them! Ok, so I'm not perfect....yet......but I'm working on being a more balanced distributor of this love! Be patient with me please as I evolve! I have been spending some quality time with God lately and I have come to the realization that God wants me (us all really) to share this immense quantity of love that he's given me with the world! That is, after all what he designed us for! I can't even wrap my head around the love that He feels for us! But I do know that He wants us to share our love with everyone! I'm not yet sure in what capacity I am supposed to do this sharing but I am sure that God has something special in mind for me and I can't wait until He reveals it to me!! I have for years wanted to do some sort of missionary work but have never quite felt the tug at my heart saying this is it.....this is what I want you to do! I think the time is drawing very near for that tug and I do think it will be right here in the US, not abroad! I think there is so much darkness right here on our own front porch that can be pierced by the kind of love that God has blessed me with! For those of you that are praying people, pray with me and for me on this please! And for those of you who aren't praying people, I'll be praying for you :) To Tim, Blake and Kyle I ask that you let me know when I'm going overboard with love and when I'm not giving enough! You three are such a huge source of my love and I want you all to feel blessed by it not smothered by it! And to everyone else.........look out!!!! I could be spreading love in your direction soon!!!! :) Well, that's it for this morning......I have to go to work on this beautiful Friday morning! So, until next time my friends, love and blessings to all........................DONNA

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  1. Awesome, Donna! God will surely let you know when and where He wants you to spread/share some of that Love you have if you want Him to! I will be praying for you that you are ready when He feels the time is right to let you know His plan! I think Tim and the boys are very lucky and they know it...whether they tell you or not!! You guys should come spend the day, or weekend, with us this summer!! There is plenty to do down here!! :o)

    Love you,