Sunday, January 18, 2009

Current challenges!

Well, it has been five months now since Clint was laid of from the Valley Moring Star and the search for gainful employment continues! We find ourselves living in an area that has nothing to offer either of us! We are both white and do not speak Spanish. Now people who live around here may tell you that not speaking spanish isn't a problem in finding a job...I beg to differ. My previous work experiences are in dealing with the public (both face to face and over the phone), and I am not of much value as a secretary, receptionist, customer service rep, or even cashier if I can't communicate with the public. Now my problem isn't in learning a second language, after all, that is why I took two years of French in high school. My problem is in HAVING to know a language other than English here in the United States to be employed. There are people who would say to me...just learn to speak Spanish Donna....but I don't live in Mexico people. I feel the burden should be on them to speak English! Please do not mistake my feelings on this to be of a racist nature....I have nothing but sympathy for the plight some people will go through to come here for a better life. I do however have a problem with being useless to my family as a wage earner! I watch the news everyday and am in the heart of one of the areas that will be changed by the border wall. I personally think it is a huge waste of tax payer dollars and do not feel it will be effective. I would rather see that money used to help families that have come here legally to transition to life in the US...teach them our laws, and teach them to speak English. I'm not saying send them all to citizenship classes....but give them the tools they need to adjust to life here. Teach a few of them and encourage them to work teaching others in exchange. I don't know, boundaries confuse me altogether sometimes. Do any of you remember when you were little and you got in trouble for splitting your room in half and not allowing your bro/sis to come on your side without facing serious consequences? But as we get older, our governments do the exact thing. Well, I am getting tired for this evening and am going to finish with that thought. I am interested to read what anyone out there has to say. And please remember, to be polite with your comments! :) Until we meet and blessings to all....................Donna