Thursday, September 29, 2011

Planting my feet firmly in the sand!!!!!

It was Labor Day weekend and me and the boys were in Gulf Shores visiting Clint's brother and his family. It was supposed to be a weekend spent at the beach.............but Tropical Storm Lee put a huge dent in those plans. But then, on Sunday we had a break and the sun came out for a few hours.........Alright everyone, suit up! Time to hit the beach while we have a chance! The waves were huge and loud and the wind from TS Lee was still very strong! After a while of just being on the beach, enjoying the pure majesty of the ocean, I decided to play in the waves! It was AWESOME!!! And then, this one wave grabs me and sends me hurling toward the shore.........Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! is what was going through my mind; and with a smile firmly planted on my face, I rode in that wave for a few great moments before I was suddenly struck by the realization that I was powerless and completely at the mercy of the storm angered ocean! So I planted myself in the sand as I made it to the shore and thought to myself WOW! That was intense!.....................

Now fast forward to today.......There I was at work when all of a sudden, as if it's taken me these few weeks since Gulf Shores to figure this out,.........I realize I have been riding through life as a passenger on a wave with no control and no direction.........Just riding through life as though I had no real power myself! But that's not true.......... I do have power......... And it's time for me to plant my feet in the sand, as I did at the end of that fantastic wave, and take full charge of my life!!! Admittedly, I'm a little scared because it's been somewhat without risk to just sit in the passenger seat and watch life passing by. So now I will decide where life goes and hopefully with some divine navigation from above I will be able to live my life to the fullest and show my precious boys how to do the same! Clint would be so very proud, and I just know he was there with me riding that wave and saying........this is it Donna, time to plant your feet strong in the sand and from now on you pick the waves that will carry you on through life instead of letting them pick you!!!!!

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